Building a DTC future where snackers come first


Our Role:

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research,
  • Analytics Configuration & Audits,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Content Strategy & Creation,
  • Creative/Art Direction,
  • Brand Development,
  • E-commerce,
  • Accessibility Compliance,
  • AI-powered Features,
  • SEO & SEM
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Where do snackers shop? Wherever it’s convenient. By launching Frito-Lay’s first DTC platform, we paved the way for greater customer loyalty and retail optimizations that make their brands smarter in-market while giving snack lovers an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

A one-stop shop serving hard-to-find flavors

As the only online shop for limited-edition flavors, merch, and custom bundles, became the ultimate destination for flavor seekers.

Delivering what you want how you want

For the first time ever, Frito-Lay introduced make-your-own variety pack ordering for members to mix-and-match flavor combos to their heart’s content. Mom’s classics + Dad’s hard-to-finds + Lil’ Ginny’s Flaming Cheetos in one pack.

Influencing the next big nom gives VISs (Very Important Snackers) BFD status. Exclusive offers, limited-edition swag, and opportunities to try, share, and order the next big flavor drops before other shoppers are just part of what makes the new Frito-Lay faniverse so appealing.

A delicious new look

The bold and dynamic art direction, product photography, and content creation we produced gave the site a freshness worthy of its audience while providing a thumbstopping suite of responsive assets for the clients.

Snacks delicious hero

Arming Frito-Lay with the intelligence to crush it.

  • 36%

    increased in returning customer rate

  • 97%

    improved Conversion Rate

  • 4x

    the conversion rate for Make-Your-Own-Variety-Pack


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