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Our Role:

  • Journey Mapping,
  • User Testing & Heat Mapping,
  • UX/UI Design,
  • Creative Direction,
  • Motion + Edit,
  • Full Stack Engineering,
  • Accessibility Compliance,
  • Full Scale Re-platform,
  • Responsive Development,
  • CMS Implementation,
  • SEO & SEM
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In an HGTV, #designtok world, homeowners are more excited than ever to dive into the world of hardware. We created a content-rich, customer-first digital home for Emtek that invited the heightened generation of design enthusiasts to the conversation while modernizing the B2B experience that had established their legacy.

From overwhelmed to overjoyed

With an inventory of 300K+ product configurations, the advantage that defined Emtek as a category leader also left site visitors confused and frustrated. We redefined the site architecture and optimized user flows to address each group’s needs and barriers, so every visitor feels understood and inspired.

By integrating brand storytelling, technical specifications, and educational resources into product pages, we empowered homeowners to build confidence at their own pace while enabling contractors, designers, and dealers to access the details they need to expedite and streamline their processes with ease.

Emtek for Homeowner

Throughout the site, we aligned the UI with eComm conventions and best practices, making the site experience intuitive and establishing the foundation for future retail enhancements.

Introducing Emtek Select

We launched a bespoke, industry-leading visualizer tool that provided unparalleled levels of customization for users to bring highly detailed visions of their design ideas to life.

EmtekSelect hero

Building a world of better connections for Emtek

  • 18%

    increase in product discovery

  • 10%

    increase in Engagement

  • 320k

    possible my emtek product configurations


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